Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Google Reader will be the end of me...

It has been so long since I last blogged and I feel ashamed. But that does not mean I haven't been following your lovely blogs. I've got all of my fellow bloggers on Google Reader and so that has become my only stop when it comes to blogs. And I swear, if it weren't for google reader I would be blogging a lot more because the "NEW POST" button would contantly be staring at me. I'm half way tempted to get rid of it so I can force myself to come to my blog more often... then again, that probably won't happen, I know myself to well.
As I look back on my last post I realized that so much has gone on in our lives. The most mind consuming and at the forfront of our prayer lives has been the major step Kirk has taken to become the Contempory Worship Pastor. About a week after we decided to accept the job we got the worst new possible. We found out that Kirk's pollup had returned. (If you didn't already know, a couple of years ago he found out that he had a pollup. We were told it has been caused by excessive singing, acid reflux, bad allergies and a few other things. So we changed our habits and eventually it went away, oh and he also couldn't sing for 6 months.)So you can believe that finding out that he would have to take another 6 months off of singing, in the midst of being promoted as well as launching a brand new service, was mind blowing. Well, I can't say that things have become much more positive, with the exception of finding out that instead of having a pollup he has nodes. (The difference being that a pollup is more like a blister and the node is more like a callus.) Since the node was found, Kirk has found out that he has GERD and then got Strep Throat out of nowhere! The only thing that can explain this all dumping down on us at the same time is that this is a huge spiritual attack on Kirk's ministry. You see, everything that has been happening has directly been affecting his throat. No where else, just the place closest to his vocal chords. Ugh! So the reason why I write about all of this is to say, we need prayer. We know that God has something amazing planned for the EFCC congregation thought this new transition. And although some aren't the most excited about the change, we know it is greatly needed. So our prayer is that the Lord protect him from any further attacks, to get his reflux under control and most of all prepare the hearts of EFCC for this change. God has something amazing in store for all of us and I can't wait to see what it is, I just want my husband to use his amazing voice again.
Other than that, these past few months (wow months! I can't believe I haven't blogged in months!) have been wonderful. This past weekend we spent some time away from life and relaxed with our baby boy and family. We had a rejuvinating weekend and are ready to hit these next couple of weeks head on. June 7th is the Launch of the new 11:00am service at EFCC and I am also running my very first 5k that morning. So, pray for my family, we need it! And if you see Kirk, give him a word of encouragement... he deserves it. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsey!

What a bummer about Kirk's throat issues! I know the feeling, to an extent, cuz I've had GERD and other throat-related problems, but thankfully not nodes or pollups. That can be so tough on a singer! As for the GERD, I'm sure Kirk's heard it all, but just in case, here are my tips, and the things that helped me get mine under control: eat smaller meals, don't eat after 9 p.m. (or about 2-3 hours before you're going to bed), ELIMINATE all caffeine and heavily-acidic foods like citrus, tomatoes, spicy and fatty foods, etc., and drink LOTS of water. When I first found out I had acid reflux, I pretty much did all that stuff, and not only did it help my throat and stomach immensely, but I also lost like ten pounds without even trying. (Come to think of it, I should get back on that diet!)

PS - Google Reader is so wonderful! I went through a phase of adding TONS of blogs to it, so now I have to weed through like 200 posts a DAY. Eek! Love ya!

PPS - If you think about it, update my blog link in your sidebar thingy - I'm at: http://tabithablogs.wordpress.com/ :-)

Assad Saif said...

Thanks for following!