Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Missing my blog... continued

Based off of the first comment/request I got, here it is...
I would love to continue to do this, so please feel free to keep sending your ideas my way.

"shannon b. said...
I just love seeing all the cute pictures of your family!!!"


Shannon B. said...

Awww...gee..thanks! Great pictures, is Elijah always so happy and smiley? Who is the baby with him in the bottom picture? Is that Summer's daughter?

LynzMiller said...

Thanks Shannon, He's a ham for the camera. It comes out and he's ready. But no, he's not always smiles, he's definitely got some attitude to him... I think he gets that from me. :)
The baby with him is Kaylen, the Saif's baby girl. She is so beautiful. We keep saying that the two are going to get married one day and it will be so awesome to have all of these pictures together at their wedding. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Very cute pictures, especially of Elijah and his girlfriend:) If you want to follow my friend Melanie's adoption process that I told you about, her blog is:

Thanks for the walk today. As always, it was refreshing to catch up.